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2008-06-10 11:43:54

Business philosophy

I won't change any day in pursuit of excellence

We pursue the reputation of excellence

We strive for excellence of products

We emphasize the service excellence

We create excellent team

The spirit of enterprise

Dare to innovate

Dare to think, as the saying goes "only unexpected, no impossible to". America philosopher Dewey once said: "every great achievement of science is to bold fantasy as a starting point".

Innovation is power.Innovation is the source of vitality,is an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development.Creation is the essence of continuous improvement,innovation and.

Beyond the self,self - denial,beyond the self,self defeat.In life,only the courage to go beyond the self to be successful;in the work also only go beyond the career to develop,to evergreen foundation.

Dare to think, innovation,transcendence is a kind of state,a belief,an obsession,a rhythm,give a person is the development of thinking,pioneering spirit and with broad view.

Enterprise vision

Let our life bright and colorful

Enterprise target

Makes the world first-class manufacturer of LED products

Enterprise talent

People oriented incentive will give full scope to the talents of warm heart

The talent is the most valuable resource,we must first create a dialogue with the international high-tech talent team do intellectual support.Here,the people-oriented,give full scope to the talents,we use the principle of.How much heart,the stage has in a big way,we give you a vast sky as you fly.

The highest level is give full scope to the talents,talents.Their individual strengths and achievements, set different positions,the selection of different people,to give appropriate treatment,training and stability of each member,fully demonstrated its expertise.To establish a people-oriented thinking,moving personnel by the sincere emotion,cause to retain talent,talent incentive to interest,given concern in life,to support business,emotionally intimate,and create a good environment for talents.

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